I’ve always loved creating art and creating pet portraits with acrylic paint on canvas has become a passion.  I do this from pictures, either recreating a single beloved photo or using different photos as inspiration to create a singular portrait. My hope is to capture the personality of your pet and that moment you love the most.  It might be a closeup of the animal looking lovingly into your eyes, or a landscape with your dog doing his favorite thing.  I love a challenge.



Although I love creating art to commemorate your pets.  I do also have other subjects that are near and dear to my heart.  Flowers, the occasional portrait, landscapes and anything else that inspires me.  Here you can view some of my other work.  If you want a custom painting done please use the contact form and let me know what you are interested in having me create.


If you are interested in getting a portrait of your pet please contact me. I work from pictures and will need to know the size of the painting you would like to receive. Payment will be through Paypal unless you are in the Denver area then cash paid in person will also work. Price will be contingent on the size of the painting and how many animals are included. The turn around on a painting can be as little as 2 weeks. The portrait will be created from a photograph or photographs of your furry friend sent to me electronically.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Prices as listed are for one fur friend. 

  •  8″X10″   –  $99.00 SALE
  • 9″X12″    –  $266.00
  • 11″X14″  –  $350.00
  • 12″X16″  –  $434.00
  •  16″X20″ –  $690.00 
  • 18″X24″  –  $914.00
  • 24″X36″  –  $1778.00

Shipping depends on size and where it’s being shipped. If another canvas size would work better for you space, let me know what size, how many pets and I will work out a price for you.

Any other commissioned paintings will be priced on size and how long I think it might take to paint.